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In a time of crisis as temperatures are rising it would be wise to seek an early, convenient solution. Billions are being spent on research, publicity, conferences, the media and the salaries of those who are benefiting from the change. While the gullible are believing that electricity will save the world, many of us have our well founded doubts.

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Wind, sun & plant energy


On the political front, governments are grateful for commercial finance to fund research in universities and institutions. It is frequently fossil fuel companies, often through third parties, that endow their own interests. The number of vehicles in the world is increasing and electricity will not be the global remedy1.

The team at Bio Engine Technology Ltd are dedicated to a simple but effective solution. They can develop an engine matched to a clean fuel that will arrest the release of damaging gases and particulates into the atmosphere. The source of the Herbal™ engine works effectively, it has been demonstrated a million times. With qualified analysts, our engineers will undertake the design of the engine operating on Herbal fuel™ to achieve its highest performance level.

Bio Engine Technology Ltd is able to fund the above research and seeks to work alongside partners as it develops the company’s future. These partners will be chosen from both the engineering and fuel sides of industry. The prospects are excellent and the opportunity to build the Herbal™ engine to any size makes its future role substantial.

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1 Dr Fatih Birol, IEA, 22nd World Petroleum Congress