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Clean Climate

a trading name of Bio Engine Technology Ltd (Be-Tec)

Bio Engine Technology Ltd (Be-Tec) is a UK company formed to monitor the design of a Rankine Cycle engine being created to propel all motor vehicles. The purpose of this engine is to provide a simple, convenient, reliable power unit that will operate on a sustainable organic fuel and significantly reduce global warming.

The engineers at Be-Tec are producing the design and performance criteria of a HerblTM engine by computer analysis to achieve economic power whilst not harming the atmosphere.

Be-Tec realise that the reciprocating Rankine Cycle engine has remained undeveloped for many years and are well acquainted with its simplicity and reliability. Allied to computerised control of its functions there is an opportunity to develop a powertrain that has numerous advantages. Be-Tec and its partners will bring the engine to series production in time to meet the obligations of the 2015 Paris Accord.


Philip Marrack Hosken

Has held senior international management posts with British, American and Saudi Arabian companies in the motor and construction industries.

He has led a number of successful commercial enterprises, is the author of books on engineering and led teams to design and manufacture Rankine Cycle engines. He has extensive knowledge of the international motor trade.

Dr Ian Weslake-Hill CEng MIMechE

Is a chartered mechanical engineer active in research, design and development (RD&D) in the field of new engine types.

His speciality is understanding a concept’s fundamental thermodynamics, with the capability of performing analyses followed by prototype design, manufacture and testing of such concepts.