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Overcoming the exhaust pipe problem

Current vehicle and marine engines are unable to meet emission targets, even with manufacturers falsifying figures. Most of the energy in the fossil fuel, about 75% of it, is wasted as heat or exhausted with fumes to cause climate change. Many countries are banning the sale of cars and vans with these engines in the coming years.

What is the Herbl™ engine?

It is a safe, convenient alternative to the familiar Internal Combustion Engine. It does not use any fossil-based fuel, it is not electric, it does not require expensive batteries made from the Earth’s finite resources, nor is it a hybrid or propelled by hydrogen. It can be refuelled anywhere in the world and driven any distance.

A word about the present engine in your car. It was invented over a century ago and is now unable to meet emission targets, even with manufacturers falsifying figures. It works by exploding a mixture of fossil fuel and air to drive a piston and turn a crankshaft.

Effective & efficient design

The Herbl™ engine is based on an effective design from 200 years ago that has been side-lined by the oil companies. Now, the latest technology allows us to produce high-pressure gas when we burn Herbl™ fuel at over 80% efficiency to drive the engine’s two pistons

The gas is then recycled to become a liquid again; something similar happens in many machines, your refrigerator is one of them.  Turbine versions of the engine in power stations produce most of the electricity we use.  Using the piston version in transport will enable governments to achieve many of their obligations under Paris Accord of 2015.

While it is running there are no explosions, the low stressed two-cylinder Herbl™ engine has only five moving parts and only operates when it has to deliver power. It is virtually silent and a gearbox is not required. A computer controls the delivery of fuel.

The Herbl™ engine can be built to any size and power making it suitable for buses in city centres, most types of marine craft, cars, vans, heavy commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles.

For the technically-minded

The twin-cylinder Rankine Cycle engine will globally replace all sizes of both the spark and compression ignition engines. High-pressure gas is created in the Herbl™ engine from a liquid tube gas generator whenever there is a demand for power. The Herbl™ fuel does not enter the rotating parts of engine. On the demands of the driver, together with the load and driving conditions, a computer will control the supply of fuel, the generation of gas and the action of solenoid valves to efficiently deliver the power output required.

The double action of the piston in the Herbl™ engine allows the two-cylinders to produce as many power strokes as a V8 four-stroke engine. The engine and generator are fully insulated and the greatest torque is produced as the crankshaft moves from stationary; for this reason the Herbl™ engine does not require a gearbox (reverse is achieved by changing the direction of gas flow). Starting does not require a powerful battery and no lithium batteries or electric motors are incorporated in the drive train.

The silent, convenient high-torque Herbl™ engine can soon be put into production. Scaled to any size it is particularly suited to town, city centre and marine work. Manufacturers need not radically change their current production methods although, due to low stresses, there are opportunities for cost and weight reductions by the use of modern, lightweight materials.

Adoption of the Herbl™ engine will assist many countries to achieve their obligations under the Paris Accord of 2015.

A radical, clean change is coming to transport

Enjoy Organic Motoring

It pulls a big load

No noise or smell

In production soon

Easy to refuel

All you see is water vapour